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{and you're out of lullabies}

- The Doctor & River Song
(a mix for saving the universe, a love affair that's not even slightly straightforward, and never knowing each other until it's too late)

(art made for me by the lovely finkpishnets)

Notes: I'd put half of this together before I realised the pairing; IDK if this means I ship them now or not! Dedicated with huge amounts of love to Teresa (exlibris_noctis), who is wonderful and brilliant and sparkly and also very invested in River. This is also full of the music I'm listening to at the moment so there is way too much bandom for words, a few things that maybe only make sense in my head, and something that's destructive and angsty in the middle. Oh well. I'm not giving points of views for the songs; songs sung by women are not necessarily from River's point of view and songs sung by men are not necessarily from The Doctor's. I like to leave some of it up to you, because everything is so very fluid with these two, isn't it.

Lyrics, zip and individual downloads under the cut. This is a monster of a mix; there's twenty-seven eight tracks(mix of mp3s and mp4s; mostly mp4s, sorry!). Comments would be appreciated, just to see what you guys think!

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